The Raptor is a new board I’ve been working on where I fused the Predator model and my performance RX5 model that has a sexy curvy outline, pulled in swallow tail, lower rails and more rocker so we can ride it with a little extra volume. It’s a great all rounder for turns and barrels for waves 3 to 6 feet, it’s a mix of old school curves with shorter new school performance and I like to ride it the same length as my own height or 1 inch longer.

Ideal Conditions:



Fin system: Thruster or MultiSystem

Bottom: Shallow single concave with slight double into vee out the tail.

Rail: All

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Surfboard Dimensions

5’918'1/2"2'3/8"25.7 ltrs
5’10"18'5/8"2'7/16"27.3 ltrs
5’11"18'3/4"2'1/2"28.2 ltrs
6’0"18'7/8"2'9/16"29.5 ltrs
6’1"19'2'5/8"30.5 ltrs
6’2"19'1/8"2'11/16"32.3 ltrs
6’3"19'1/4"2'3/4"33.6 ltrs
6’4"19'1/2"2'13/16"35.4 ltrs
6’6"19'5/8"2'7/8"37.3 ltrs
Custom Dimensions