Our Factory is focused on the surfer, the good surfer, but also looking at each client, each normal day to day surfer and treating them as a professional. That ends up being our main goal, so that the client and the surfer can improve their technique and performance. On the other hand, we are also going to be focused on our great specialty, big waves. From Guns to Tow Ins, Step Ups and of course performance boards.

Basically we aim to continue to be leaders in building the best surfboards in the world for big waves and develop the best performance boards suitable for our customers, helping them to evolve.


You can also enjoy a brand new surf shop. Side by side with the production line, where we were able to give you the best accompaniment, whether in ordering the new surfboard but can also count on a vast stock of shortboards, longboards, some classics, guns, tows and also initiation boards and used market.


We offer a selection of technical accessories from the best national and international brands, as we believe only with the best material you can achieve the best performance in water.
We also complement the new space with casual and sports clothing, footwear and all the accessories you need for your next trip or jusr for the next surf session.

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