Secret Squirrel


This is a model for the groms coming off their first foamy or their dads’ boards, made a lot shorter but still a lot taller than the child with a generous amount of volume in the width and thickness to allow them to learn to paddle by themselves and catch waves – plus it allows them to progress faster, also giving them extra stability and making it easy to duck dive.

Ideal Conditions:




Fin system: Thruster

Bottom: Slight single into double concave

Rail: All

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Surfboard Dimensions

5'017' 1/22' 3/1619
5'117' 5/82' 1/420
5'217' 3/42' 5/1621
5'317' 7/82' 5/1622
5'4182' 3/823
5'518' 1/42' 3/824
5'618' 1/22' 3/825
Custom Dimensions