This is my high performance fish that consists of double flyers that flute and act as teeth or fins on your rails – which give a little extra bite through turns. By doing this it brings a wide board back narrow through the tail and still allows you to skate through sections with all that area between your feet. The fuller nose, rocker is not too flat with a little more tail lift, it has been a personal favourite for years on those small beach break days.

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Fin system: Thruster or Multi System

Bottom: Slight single into a deep double concave.

Rail: All

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Surfboard Available Dimensions

5'618' 1/22' 1/427
5'718' 5/82' 5/1628
5'818' 3/42' 3/829
5'9192' 3/830
5'1019' 1/42' 7/1631
5'1119' 1/22' 1/232
6'019' 3/42' 1/233
6'119' 7/82' 5/834
6'2202' 3/436
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