Step up model for those heavier days – more volume under the chest allows getting into bigger waves, which is critical to get a good line. This, combined with more rocker for gets those steep drops while fitting into hollow waves better, plus low rails for bite and hold – so there is no sliding and the nose is not too pulled in but narrow enough with a tighter tail area. Tested around the world by the worlds best, this board comes with a very strong glass job for strength and extra drive.

Ideal Conditions:




Fin system: Multi System

Bottom: Shallow single concave with slight double into Vee out the tail

Rail: All

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Surfboard Dimensions

6'018' 1/22' 5/1628
6'118' 5/82' 3/829
6'218' 3/42' 7/1630
6'318' 7/82' 1/231
6'418' 7/82' 5/832
6'519'2' 5/833
6'619' 1/82' 3/434
Custom Dimensions